Catering Nutritious Piu Piu – how are we doing?

How did you get to us?

you’ve been teasing by pictures of delicius meals on our faceboook profile? you’ve visited our blog? mayby you’ve seen the Piu Piu logo somewhere ? or just some satisfied friends recommended to check our offer?

its not important how – we are extremely happy that you are here with us. We dont want you to feel like a client, we want you to feel more like a part of Piu Piu. Therefore, to get to know each other better, we will tell you how our company works.

Laptop z formularzem kontaktowym


You can submit your order via our website or by phone. No matter which option you choose, you will be speaking to Arthur. He will talk to you about your chosen diet, get all of the needed details, answer your questions, and know you a little better.

What if you have the trouble with choosing the right diet for you? Then you will be redirected to Paweł – our company food specialist. He will take your body measurements, hear what are your expectations and your goals, it will be crucial for making your meals to have jusyt the right amount of calories. Consultation with our specialist can take place at a personal meeting or can be made online.


W take special care to keep all our meals fresh, this is why we will need two days to complete your first meal set. Menu, and all it’s oprions are being switched every week. Diet arrangement is always consulted with the kichen staff, we work together to make the weekly menu loaded with the best macronutrients and make all the dishes taste great.

 We put much effort in this why ? Remind yourself how often did you eat the same soup third day in a row or warm up the dinner from the day before yesterday ? It’s just not a good way to go… Taking care of the variety in the menu, we make sure that your meals do not repeat for up to five weeks! Box diet should also be surprising. Trust us on this, We dont like to be bored with whats our plate the much as you ?

Produkty spożywcze na stole w kuchni

Kuchnia Piu Piu


Every evening we count the calories and food compositions for each order and pass them on to the kitchen. The next morning, starting at 8 am, you will start preparing for your meals. At the first fire are breads and other breads by Mrs. Lili and Mrs. Małgos. They can conjure up 10 different types of bread, among them: yolk, pumpkin, almond, coconut, protein, buckwheat or sesame crackers. It happens that even three different variants are baked one day.

In their ruling kingdom you will not find the usual cheap oil known from store shelves. Cabinets bend under the weight of nearly ten kinds of vegetable fats: coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, blackberry oil, walnut oil, pumpkin oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil and linseed oil. Each one is cold pressed. 

To care for your health in every dish, also in cakes, sugar is replaced by its healthiest substitute – eryle. In addition, all cakes and breads in our menu are made of gluten-free flour, without purified wheat or rye.


Once all the meals are ready, the time is up for the next step – portioning. It is one of the most important but also the most time consuming stages of our work. It relies on the separation of food into boxes based not only on caloric content, but also on macronutrients, ie protein, carbohydrates and fats.

A healthy diet is not everything. We reiterate that we want to be more than just another catering company. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle and build a community of similar values.

Starting from such assumptions it is very important for us where we take the products from. We focus on small farms and local entrepreneurs. These are the oils, flour, fresh vegetables and fruits. We can not imagine using frozen food – everyday delivery is the norm for us

We only use meat that has been processed by us. We do not use products such as sausages, sausages or hams. Or is it just a lunch or just a sandwich – it’s always a roast of your own production.

Have you ever heard of “0 waste”? This is another way we care about the environment by realizing our ideas. It consists in minimizing the amount of garbage in the entire production process. What does it mean? It is in vain to seek in our kitchen packs of packaging, foil and plastic – only the minimum necessary. And all in the concern for nature :).

Zaplecze Piu Piu

Torba Piu Piu pod drzwiami


Packaged kits are just waiting for you. When? It depends on you. You have the choice of delivery in the morning or the evening of the previous day. You do not have to worry about leaving home too early – our drivers working in different districts are already in town at 4am. Do not worry, they will not wake you up with a bell so barbaric. They will leave the set under the door quietly so that when you wake up you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

It is extremely important for us your opinion. After the first trial period, we will ask you to comment on Piu Piu. We also try to keep up with the food that tastes you and which less. So do not be afraid to express your opinion and give ideas for change – we want to hear your opinion! Thanks to you, our dietary catering can get better and better.

We invite you to visit our profile on facebook and follow our blog on our website – we will keep you updated on articles and information related to healthy eating and lifestyle. We want to be close to you every day.