Torba i posiłek Piu Piu

Piu Piu – about the company


Catering Piu Piu was created thanks to mutual passions and ideas of people. A lifestyle based on movement, energy, healthy diet, richness of flavors is not easy… also we have the awareness that it is not easy to find the time to properly take care of this kind of diet. This created the idea to make the best catering in Wroclaw.

We want not only be a catering company, we want to provide delicious, balanced meals, but we also want to change our eating habits, to build awareness of the importance of health care and education. We offer a healthy basic diet, sports diet, lactose-free diet, gluten-free, and catering for companies.


Our team roots are Oksana and Artur.

In addition, the author of the cuisines that make Piu Piu the best catering company in Wroclaw are:
Lila – Lila – with 15 years of experience in the catering industry, currently pursuing a dream of working in her own company, in her free time surly relaxing in the garden.
Małgosia Malgosia – passionate cook especially for larger amount of people, she will give her best to make delivery a tasty and a healthy meal, in private a lover mountain hikes.

Paweł Brodziak – personal trainer and diet consultant is also working with us. He tells that his parents taught him from the youngest years a healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to consult with him to help choose the right diet for you.

Zespół Piu Piu

Gofry z serkiem i malinami


Piu Piu Catering carefully select ingredients of the highest quality and a menu created to your individual needs. It consists of a set of five meals that perfectly meet the energy needs of a healthy day.

For the begin , we recommend our customers to take advantage of the free services of our qualified dietitian to help you determine your diet and energy needs, on which we will create a menu for you.

Our company provides a diet with delivery – we will deliver your daily meals to your home or work address.


As a company offering boxed food in Wroclaw we are functioning relatively short, but we are totally committed to our project and we put in it our hearts, energy and loads of commitment.

Thanks to the area of ​​activity limited to ​​Wroclaw, we have the opportunity to take maximum care that our selection of fresh ingredients are the highest quality ones. We can also devote more time for information about the activities of our catering company and more individually to meet your needs.

You are not only a customers for us, but a partners who co-create Piu Piu with us.
We want to continue to grow and learn from you so we are extremely open to any advice, suggestions, comments or ideas.

R. Wilkowiecki


Our biggest value is quality, we realise our goals and we are proud of thi how we prepare the food for you.

Each meal is made completly by our staff. You wont find any ready shop items in our meals regardless of their quality or brand. We create the dishes ourselves from the best quality ingredients.

Our box diet works only in Wroclaw. We belive that by focusing our activity on a local area, we able to create a community based on a healthy lifestyle and real contact.